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In Search of the Crying Lady


In Search of the Crying Lady
IPG Project (Tamara & Yoshi Kametani)

45 pages
20 x 15 cm
Limited edition of 100

”In Search of the Crying Lady is a poetic and dark tale about a search for a tradition that never gets found. The Crying Lady refers to the term Plačky who were professional mourners in Slovakia. Plačky used to be an essential part of the Slovak death ritual and were hired by the family of the deceased. The tradition was believed to still exist in certain areas of the country. Despite the encouragement that IPG received from ethnographers and people they spoke to along the way, the Plačky were never found. The journey had therefore turned into a search for the tradition that disappeared before anyone that IPG encountered had realized. In Search of the Crying Lady is essentially a collection of moments that crossed IPG’s path along their road to failure.”

In Search of the Crying Lady from on Vimeo.