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In Almost Every Picture #10

Kessels Kramer_MG_3730

In Almost Every Picture #10
Edited and designed by Erik Kessels
Kesselskramer Publishing


148 pages
150×200 mm
ISBN: 978-90-70478-35-3


This is the tenth edition of the found photography series, which seeks to elevate under appreciated pictures overlooked in attics and flea markets.

Herein, editors Erik Kessels and Michel Campeau gather old images pigs being bottle-fed by clients in Montreal restaurant Au Lutin Qui Bouffe. In picture after picture, we see customers with a piglet in their laps or on their table – stroking it, holding its tail, or poised with knife and fork, pretending to eat it. Playing with their food. The series is epic, begun in 1938 and continuing over thirty-five years, every image made by local photographer Jean-Paul Cuerrier.

He might not shoot pictures himself, but the Dutch art director and collector Erik Kessels has certainly changed the way we think about photography. As a curator of amateur photography, he’s elevated discarded images to gallery status, finding beauty and insight in pictures of, say, 20th century German police uniforms, or one woman’s lifelong love of fairground shooting galleries.

KesselsKramer is a company which aspires to do things differently in the field of communications. KesselsKramer Publishing is an extension of this restless attitude. In images and words, it finds new ways of expressing creativity through printed matter.