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In a Lonely Place

Hatje Cantz_MG_3557
Hatje Cantz
Gregory Crewdson
In a Lonely Place

Texts by Craig Burnett, Gregory Crewdson, Jens Erdman Rasmussen, Felix Hoffmann, Estelle af Malmborg, graphic design by Naroska Design, By Gregory Crewdson

2011. 160 pp., 71 ills., 29 in tritone
31.30 x 21.70 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-3136-2

Three key series by the star of the American photo art scene

The American middle-class nightmare: nothing is clean, orderly, idyllic, or romantic. In his perfectly staged, hyper-realistic tableaux, photographer Gregory Crewdson (*1962) reveals the claustrophobic limbo and abyss of spiritual repression that is the typical suburb. Here, hushed-up violence, alienation, isolation, and emptiness are nothing new or unfamiliar but part of the everyday experience next door. Crewdson goes to great lengths to set up his apocalyptic scenarios. The richness of detail and mysterious atmosphere of the images from his series Beneath the Roses unfold a surreal, supernatural power of suggestion that mesmerizes the viewer. No less arresting are the works from Sanctuary, shot in the morbid ruins of Italy’s Cinecittà, and the unusual nocturne nature photos in Fireflies.

Exhibition: Kulturhuset Stockholm March 19–June 12, 2011 | C/O Berlin July 2–September 4, 2011 | Det Nationale Fotomuseum, Kopenhagen September 22, 2011–January 28, 2012 | further venues ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum | Stenersen Museum, Oslo