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Johan Nieuwenhuize


20 pages
180×230 mm
ISBN: 978-9-08185-032-2


IMG_ is a growing collection of abstract and semi-abstract photographic observations of “the city”: structures, buildings, cars and reflections. The work represents an active visual archive consisting of images made during Johan Nieuwenhuizeʼs travels to different cities in Europe and the USA.

The way the combinations of images are made is based on the Kuleshov experiment from 1918. In this experiment, a filmed portrait of a man is combined in three edits: in combination with a shot of a woman on a sofa, a shot of a dead baby and another of a bowl of soup. The expression of the man remains the same, but the viewer interprets it in different ways, depending on the context.

In his presentations of IMG_, Nieuwenhuize applies this psychological phenomenon in order to shift the meaning of individual images, alter the context and let the viewer associate freely, to form new meanings. The various edits of images are being created from Nieuwenhuize’s growing photographic database.

The works are presented linearly on the wall and appear in different combinations. To some extent, the presentation is similar to a phrase from a book or poem, thereby following its own visual hyphenation, grammar and style. IMG_ will also be presented in book form, published by Contentement.

Johan Nieuwenhuize (Oost-Souburg, the Netherlands, 1980) is a Dutch photographer, artist and curator.

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