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Imaginära öar

Lotta Törnroth
Blackbook Publications

104 pages
175 x 246 mm
ISBN 9789198255577


Imaginära öar is a book that reflects on grief, heartbreak and death. Lotta Törnroth uses mythological tales from Greenland and creates a dream like story. In Greenland everyone knows someone who has lost their life to the sea. The residence of Greenland are still recovering from the disappearance of the ship known as M / S Hans Hedtoft when it hit an ice-burg in 1959. Since this tragic event the ship has been renamed   to the “Little Titanic” among those affected. Since the event no passenger ship has been allowed to pass the sea to Greenland during the winter months, though the working seamen have no choice but to continue on and brave the sea.

About the Artist
Lotta Törnroth (b. 1981 in Solna, Sweden) has a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, and graduated with a BFA 2012 from the School of Photography, now known as Academy Valand, in Gothenburg. In 2014 she was awarded the Victor Fellowship by Hasselblad Foundation and spent 6 months at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York. After that she has worked in Stockholmbut spent time as Artist-in-Residence in Finland, Greece and Greenland.

Törnroth has participated in exhibitions at galleries and institutions, including in Stockholm, Helsinki and New York.Her latest solo exhibition was in February 2019 at

the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki, Finland. Törnroth  published her first artist book To Wait For the  Inevitable: Narratives From the Sea in 2014 with Blackbook Publications, an artist collective/publisher that  she has been working with since then. In spring of 2019 a second book by Törnroth was published, with the title Imaginary Islands.

About the Publisher
Blackbook Publications presents self-published artists books made by interesting photographers and artists in Scandinavia since fall 2009.