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‘Images in Conflict’

Jonas Verlag
arts + science weimar GmbH

560 pages
170 x 230 mm
ISBN 9783894455620


Photographic and film images of situations of crisis and conflict change in terms of aesthetics and applications, thereby becoming targets themselves. On the one hand, image producers and the distribution channels for images have multiplied in the course of digital developments. This broadens perspectives and enables new narrative forms. On the other hand, it is associated with an upheaval of classical photojournalistic self-perception. It also raises the question to what extent photographs can still function as witnesses. In the realm of claims to truth, their contextualisation and framing create meanings and require relfection. “Images in Conflict” is devoted to the relationship between conflicts and their mediatisation; it focuses on current visualisation strategies and ‘image wars’.


About the Author(s)
There is no one author for this resource rather, multiple editors from arts + science weimar GmbH. Karen Fromm, Sophia Greiff, and Anna Stemmler have all made contributions to this book.


About the Publisher
arts + science Weimar is the umbrella for the publishing group consisting of VDG Weimar, Jonas Verlag, Bauhaus University Publishing and the portal Art History. The publishing agency holds prestigious standing with Bauhaus University being the oldest University publisher in the country.