Il Distretto 9 Del Chianti

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Il Distretto 9 Del ChiantiDISTRICT_9_CHIANTI_cover
In Seguendo Cinghialai e Cinghiali in Toscana
Chasing Boars Boar Hunters in Tuscany
Fionn McCann

Text by Dario Castagno


232 pages
290×250 mm
ISBN: 978-8-87576-245-2


Irish photographer Fionn McCann, a frequent visitor to Chianti, Tuscany, was struck by the plethora of photographic books on Italian cooking, landscape, history, art, and the complete lack of any on wild boar hunting, a tradition that is so prevalent in the region. Enlisting the help of Italian author, Dario Castagno, this book is the result of four years of research and the first dedicated to a tradition dating back to Etruscan times. Together, the bilingual text (Italian/English) and photography provide a vivid record of a practice that is not only sociable but necessary because of the proliferation of the wild boar (cinghiali) population and damage to the precious vineyards of the Chianti region. The photographs and the text introduce the reader to the hunters and the variety of their personalities and backgrounds through their portraits, nicknames and banter. Yet neither author shies away from the raw realities and controversies that surround hunting.

This hardback book is handsomely produced with black/white and colour photographs that capture the beauty of Chianti in winter and spring, the emotion and excitement of the hunt, and the personalities of the hunters. Through the lively, readable text by Castagno and magnificent photographs by McCann, this unique collaboration captures the essence of a hitherto largely private world. The book will be of interest to all who love Italy, its traditions, beauty and wines.

Fionn McCann is a Dublin based photographer. He divides his time between commissioned work and fine art photography.

Betti is an Italian publisher.