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Hong Kong / China Photographers Three

Hong-Kong-Photographers-ThreeHong Kong / China Photographers Three
Almond Chu
Asia One

Text by Wolfgang Kubin

208 pages
213 mm x 278 mm
ISBN 9789881799821

A realist and reactionary devoted to the permanent values of photography, professional photographer and photographic artist Almond Chu does not compromise to the demands of a specific genre. His photography – from his renowned monochrome human figures and still-lifes to his colour landscapes and ‘Punks’ – draws viewers into an austerely personal, poetic reality… In this Hong Kong/China Photographers Three, Chu leads us through his journey of exquisite sensitivity to beauty in his renowned series – Portrait (1985-2007), Flower (1991-2001), Nude (1985-2007), The Bride with White Hair (Nude)(2007), Life Still (1995-99), Artificial Landscape (2004-08), and Parade (2004-08). His achievements have been widely recognised by commercial and artistic, local and international arena. His art is covered by interviews and publications worldwide.

About the Artist:
Hong Kong-born Almond Chu began his career as a professional photographer and photographic artist in 1986 after graduating from the Tokyo College of Photography. His talents began to gain wide recognition in 1993 when he received an Agfa Fellowship Young Photographer Award from the Asian Culture Council. In 2004, he was invited to speak at the influential ‘International Literary and Aesthetic Symposium’ organised by Bonn University and the Art & Exhibition Hall of Deutschland, Germany. His work has been prominently exhibited in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Japan, China and New Zealand, and is widely collected by corporations, museums and individual connoisseurs.
Artist Website

About the Author:
Currently a professor of Chinese Studies at Bonn University, Wolfgang Kubin is one of Germany’s most renowned Sinologists, with a particular expertise in contemporary Chinese literature. He attracted considerable attention in a 2006 interview with Deutsche Welle when he commented on the problems of contemporary Chinese literature and Chinese writers. Kubin is also highly regarded as a translator and writer. To date, his work has appeared in over 50 publications in German, English and Chinese.

About the Publisher:
Asia One is a fine art publishing house established in 2007. It is based in Hong Kong.

Book Materials and Specifications:
Hardcover book with stitched perfect binding and white end papers glued down. Title on the grey front cover is indented in black and is covered with cloth.
Plates sizes in this book range from 6″ x 7.5″ to 16″ x 9.5″. Standard photobook layout for the majority of the book, with a caption on the left page and the image on the right.