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WassinkLundgren (Thijs Groot Wassink & Ruben Lundgren)wassinklundgren_hits copy
Foam Magazine


190 pages
80×120 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘This tiny catalogue, published on the occasion of our solo show at Foam, shows our work through the eyes of Google Images. Combined with articles, reviews and a preface by Sean O’Hagan (art critic for the Guardian), this booklet gives an overview of our work from 2005 until 2013.’

WassinkLundgren is a collaboration between Dutch photographers Thijs groot Wassink (1981) and Ruben Lundgren (1983), who live and work, respectively, in London and Beijing. Their works have been exhibited in museums worldwide and they are the recipients of numerous awards, including the China Academy Award in 2010 and the Prix du Livre at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2007 for their publication Empty Bottles. Their photography and film projects shift mundane, often unnoticeable, everyday occurrences into visually compelling and gently amusing observations of the world around us.