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Green Lifegreen_life_cover
Daniele Cinciripini
Self Published


52 pages
150×180 mm
ISBN: Not available


“For one year I have been “scanning” the industrial landscape, “discontinuous” places, spaces and objects that counteract the “continuity” of nature that we so often represent, read and interpret through photography. “Artificial” environments where people in close relationship with technology produce artifacts (and sometimes economic crisis) in a continuous evolution, always closely related to each other. In the greenhouse my “intrusion” finds the place where these two landscapes intersect, industrial and natural, artificial and life (vegetal) as an artifact. No more machines and cadences, but light and water as the primary elements of energy in spaces along with silence that brings my intrusion to live dreamlike moments and some feeling of saturation, wellness and suspension. Experiencing the greenhouse as a moment of reflection, to keep on observing the boundary between our constant desire to produce artefacts and artificial spaces, and yet our need to listen to the requirements and the priority of this pre-existing nature”

Daniele Cinciripini is a photographer and also the photoeditor of Primapersona, since 2012 he is professor of Photographic Laboratory at the University of Teramo.