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Gorsad Kiev

36 pages
170 x 240 mm
ISBN 9783942547529


Based in the outskirts of Kiev, a prosperous young three-piece made up of Victor, Julian and Maria, known collectively as Gorsad, capture the nuance of an alternative Ukraine; a counter-culture largely vacant from mainstream media. Their youthful photography contrasts the devastating incidents plaguing their home country with a rawness of imagery synonymous with the aesthetic prevalence of home video footage seen on the frontline of street battlegrounds. The art collective explain: “We want to convey a certain mood and taste of youth. The older we are, the more conservative we become and it’s very sad. Permissiveness of youth is exactly what heals, even in the most difficult situations”. Oftentimes sexually-charged, awash with teen-angst and playfully off-beat, Gorsad coherently embody a Ukraine inhabited by a reluctant, yet positive youth; a scene seemingly absent of turmoil, although irreverently recognisable. It’s an incredible body of work with some striking photographs.

About  the Artist
The art collective Gorsad Kiev made up of two guys and a girl (Victor, Julian and Maria), living on the outskirts of Kiev, embody a side of Ukraine that you’ve probably not seen before. Their youthful photography contrasts the devastating incidents that are plaguing their home country, yet the rawness of the imagery is synonymous to the DIY video footage seen on the frontline of the street battlegrounds.

About the Publisher
PogoBooks is an independent publishing company focused on affordable limited edition art books, catalogues, editions and zines in small print runs. We believe in a future printed on paper, and conceive the printed artwork as a unique artform. PogoBooks is a platfom, an archive and collective for contemporary arts and photography.
The Berlin-based publishing-house was founded by Claudio Pfeifer in 2010.