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Maria L. FelixmullerGlory Days
Maria L. Felixmüller
Self Published


152 pages
300×200 mm
ISBN: Not available


Glory Days is a high gloss magazine picture book. The pictures express the coincidental encounters of everyday objects. They are more than they appear when they don’t function as they are supposed to. The observation exposes the objects’ vulnerability and they seem comical and crazy. Editing followed just one rule: every page should be a new confronting, confusing view. Out of every juxtaposition results an unexpected association, and repetition of motifs or even color schemes is avoided. The only suspension are some black pages, where the index is hidden. The pictures are all over the pages, right from the first to the last. For the double page it is important to open the book easily, so it comes with american binding.

Maria L. Felixmüller was born 1980, and lives and works in Leipzig and Vienna.


GLORY DAYS a photobook by Maria L. Felixmüller from Maria L. Felixmüller on Vimeo.