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Galway Races

Galway Races
George Voronov
TLP EditionsPhotoIreland Foundation


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Every year, thousands gather during the last week of July to attend the Galway Races, Ireland’s historic horse racing event. The ensuing chaos provides cover for Galway’s youth to engage in a revelry of their own. However, with many not being old enough to attend night clubs or bars, they turn to public spaces to facilitate their hedonism. For one evening of the year, the youth take over.

Ironically, in attempting to imitate their elders, these young people only accentuate their youthful naivety. Their aspirational dress and exaggerated mannerisms betray the uncertainty of adolescence. Defiant yet vulnerable, debaucherous yet charming, these characters channel the many contradictions of the coming-of-age narrative.

About the Artist:
George Voronov
is a photographer based out of Dublin and studied History in college. He heads the publishing imprint Junior Press along with Ellius Grace. Junior Press aims at fostering a community of young Irish photographers. Junior Press publishes an annual showcase magazine called Junior and supplement it with a smattering of zines, workshops and photography knitting circles.

About the Publisher:
PhotoIreland Foundation
is a volunteer led organisation dedicated to stimulating a critical dialogue around Photography in Ireland, and to promoting internationally the work of artists in and from Ireland. PhotoIreland is committed to the cultivation of a deeper and critical understanding of Photography. In 2010, PhotoIreland launched Ireland’s first international festival of Photography & Image Culture: PhotoIreland Festival. It celebrated Ireland’s first Book & Magazine Fair in 2011, dedicated to Photography, which was the germ of The Library Project, a unique public resource library focused on the photobook opened in 2013.