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Fronteras Sin Límites

Fronteras Sin Límitesbjohnson_201611219928-1
Miguel Soler-Roig
Spanish and English
Design by Miguel Soler-Roig

Text by Miguel Soler-Roig and Moritz Neumüller

32 pages, 12 colour plates
130mm x 90mm
Limited Edition of 300
ISBN: n/a


The photographic medium has always been in the vanguard of the investigation of political phenomena, registering moments of change and questioning the cultural identity. National boundaries are drawn as a result of political, historical or military motives and are therefore arbitrary, flexible and vulnerable. Unless, of course, they correspond to natural boundaries, which often happens. Only the immense sea, a mountain range, or an impenetrable desert, limits us to the question of why this or that piece of land should belong to this or that country.

About the Artist: 
Soler-Roig’s education has been influenced by the Bauhaus and the new Swiss typographic style. He studied at the Basel Art School. Subsequently completed a Masters in Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. For several years has been living and working in New York, and after his return to Spain he continued his studies in photography, completing a Master of Art in Photography at the European Institute of Design in Madrid (IED), and numerous international photography workshops.
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About the Author:
Moritz Neumüller is a curator, educator and writer in the field of Photography and New Media. He holds a Master Degree in Art History and a PhD degree in Information Management and has worked for several important art institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, PhotoEspaña in Madrid and LOOP in Barcelona. At the moment, he works as Festival Curator for PhotoIreland in Dublin, and directs the Photography Department of the Istituto di Design in Madrid. In 2009, he founded artecontacto, a project aimed at exploring art through all senses, in order to provide access for all, including visitors with visual impairments or learning difficulties. Since 2010, he runs the The Curator Ship, a platform that provides useful information for visual artists. Since 2011, Moritz Neumüller is Co-director of Museum For All, a network of museums in Europe working to advance accessibility in the areas of culture and learning in a collaborative, all-inclusive way. This project is a partnership between artecontacto and the Design For All Foundation in Barcelona.

Book Materials and Specifications:
Small book (130mm x 90mm) in the style of a passport with a saddle stitch binding. The corners are rounded. There is a text in Spanish and English at the beginning, and 12 colour plates in total.