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Fotoperiodistas de guerra españoles

Fotoperiodistas de guerra españoles - Alfonso Bauluz & Rafael Moreno

Turner Publishing
Fotoperiodistas de guerra españoles
Alfonso Bauluz y de la Iglesia
Rafael Moreno Izquierdo

Pages: 160
Format: 24 x 28
Hardback with jacket
ISBN: 978-84-7506-980-7

Spanish photographic journalism made its debut in 1859 thanks to the camera of Enrique Facio, who covered military campaigns against the Rif Mountain uprising in Africa with correspondent Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, four years after Britain’s Roger Fenton immortalized the Crimean War, the advent of the modern graphic narrative of armed conflicts.

Facio’s photographs are the first war snapshots to have been published in our country,  and they are included in the book Fotoperiodistas de guerra españoles, co-published by the Spanish Ministry of Defense and Turner. The authors of the book’s texts, Alfonso Bauluz, International Editor at Efe, and journalist Rafael Moreno Izquierdo, describe a selection of photographs by approximately thirty Spanish reporters who covered wars over the last one hundred fifty years. They are “informants at the war front who stood out because they got as close as they possibly could to those fighting in the first line of fire, describing their experiences as they took place,” they explain. Their images have been seen on the covers of newspapers inside and outside our borders. All of them –even the ones that did not make it into the book– are essential “to ensure nothing keeps the truth from coming out,” as Rosa María Calaf, the book’s prologue author, has written.