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‘Food – Newfoundland’

‘Food – Newfoundland’
Annabel Konig

32 pages
200 x 240 mm
ISBN: Not available

“I am at the gate, on my way to St. John’s in Canada. Outside the morning brightness reflects on large cumulus clouds: soft cream and blues. It may have taken a few years of talking about Newfoundland, but I am now lucky enough to have a two-week residency on this island.”

‘Food-Newfoundland’ is the first project in the series of five that examines Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Need’ theory. Maslow address the biological and physiological needs: air, food, drink and sleep. Annabel expresses on this project that our Needs are continually evolving, and the exploration of our first Need, is but a start.


About the author
Annabel Konig, a Dutch-Irish artist based in Co Carlow, Ireland. Annabel is a visual artist and an art director that is currently working on a range of projects using photography, text, drawing and social engagement. She spent a week in Athens in early May meeting with the refugees living there as they go through the complex Greek immigration process and ‘This I can Carry’ is the outcome.