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The Flat View

The Flat View, Bob NegrynThe Flat View
Bob Negryn

29,7 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-90-89101-46-4

Bob Negryn is very occupied in various photographic styles: landscapes, portraits and still life. He combines the focus of a visual artist with the technical mastery of a professional photographer.

He achieved his own place in the current landscape photography with his landscape photographs, taken in the Netherlands, New-Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland, amongst others.

The engagement of Negryn’s landscape photographs lies in the – often historic- relation between human and its natural or built-on surrounding. Negryn approaches this surrounding from different angles, like the influence of the economic progress on a people and its landscape (Ireland) or the historic defined, preconceived expectation of a landscape as an idyll or an overwhelming phenomenon of nature (New-Zealand).

Just as important as the question what is portrayed is for Bob Negryn the question how it is portrayed. Why is there sometimes a friction in the composition? What is veiled by the tree that is just off the centre. Why does that Dutch new estate look like the Irish village? By asking those questions the viewer gets to the essence of Negryns work: seeing.