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Flâneurism: Watch Her Dance to the End of Love


Flâneurism: Watch Her Dance to the End of Love
Rik Moran



24 pages
210×297 mm
ISBN: Not available


The boardwalks of Brooklyn’s most famous leisure destination have stood strong for over 150 years now.
Well known for its amusement parks and seaside resort, it’s long been a favourite getaway of New Yorkers looking to escape the bustle of the Big Apple. In the mid 60s Fred Trump, Father of Donald, tried to get a large chunk of the area demolished and rezoned in order to build luxury apartments, the first of many challenges faced by the park. For over 50 years it changed ownership numerous times with countless plans for resorts, casinos and apartments falling along the way. However, in 2011, for the first time in eighty years, a new roller coaster was built, marking a concerted effort to reverse Coney Island’s decline. Currently efforts are afoot to acquire landmark status for the Boardwalk alongside the three rides already protected, and the city’s planning commission has vowed to “preserve, in perpetuity, the open amusement area rides that everyone knows and loves.”

Rik Moran is a photographer focused on environments and spaces, the memories that inhabit them, and the residual stories and emotions left behind.

Flâneurism is a celebration of the unseen, hidden and uncelebrated. Exploring the cul-de-sacs and avenues of life, the aim is to join the dots between the coincidences and topologies of the world via successive photographic posts and physical printed photobooks.