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Flâneurism: Robbing The Poor to Pay the Rich


Flâneurism: Robbing The Poor to Pay the Rich
Rik Moran



24 pages
210×297 mm
ISBN: Not available


The final days of Robin Hood Gardens.

Standing in the shadows of the financial towers of Canary Wharf, Robin Hood Gardens was completed in 1972 as an important model of social housing. The two long curved blocks were designed as ‘streets in the sky’ that shielded the residents from the noise of the nearby A12. Long the subject of battle between developers, tenants and architecture fans alike, its demolition looms as part of a wider local regeneration plan.

Rik Moran is a photographer focused on environments and spaces, the memories that inhabit them, and the residual stories and emotions left behind.

Flâneurism is a celebration of the unseen, hidden and uncelebrated. Exploring the cul-de-sacs and avenues of life, the aim is to join the dots between the coincidences and topologies of the world via successive photographic posts and physical printed photobooks.