Flâneurism: What Once Was Future Is Now Forgotten

By 08/07/2016September 3rd, 2016Photobooks


Flâneurism: What Once Was Future Is Now Forgotten
Rik Moran


24 pages
210×297 mm
ISBN: Not available


With the Corbusian ideals of this Elephant & Castle landmark now little more than dust beneath the feet of gentrification, the empty echoes of this once vibrant estate resonate more than ever.

Rik Moran is a photographer focused on environments and spaces, the memories that inhabit them, and the residual stories and emotions left behind.

Flâneurism is a celebration of the unseen, hidden and uncelebrated. Exploring the cul-de-sacs and avenues of life, the aim is to join the dots between the coincidences and topologies of the world via successive photographic posts and physical printed photobooks.