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FK #1 Latvian Photography Yearbook

FK #1FK-yearbook1 Latvian Photography Yearbook FKMagazine


96 pages
190×280 mm
ISBN: 978-9-93482-550-7


From Chinese landscapes, Belorussian socialism and bitter longing for the beloved one to photo hooliganism, biology students in abandoned slams in a border-town and role games in the middle of woods.

The content:

What is photography – an essay by Sergei Kruk
What foreign photographers see in Latvia – Roberto Boccaccino, Gina Glover, Kate Peters, Anastasia Khoroshilova
Mountains and Waters – Alexander Gronsky
Photographer Without A Camera – Ivars Grāvlejs
LARP – Reinis Hofmanis
Belarus – Andris Kozlovskis
The Island – Anna Novikova
Ilgas – Alnis Stakle

FKMagazine is a journal on Latvian and international photography.