Entre Entree

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Entre Entree
Stephen Keppell

Hardcover (Print included and Record ‘Autodanse’. composition and perfomance by Harry de Wit, produced with Neeltje ten Westenend)
208 pages
210×290 mm
ISBN: 978-9-49011-925-6


For the creation of  ‘Entre Entree’, Stephan Keppel spent one year in Paris and it’s suburbs. By reproducing the endless variations of the city’s surfaces –with his set of printers, camera’s and partly found paper-stocks– Keppel creates a new urban and visual structure. This experimental approach gives a unique perspective on a city that is over the years so often visually celebrated. ‘Entre Entree’ is a very dense, attractive, but at the same time uncanny publication, which is a highlight in Keppel’s ongoing research on public space, urban structures and reproduction.

Stephan Keppel’s photographic work originates from marginal phenomena related to architecture, interiors and suburbs. He collects and arranges images and objects in order to engage them in a long-term relationship, resulting in a process which engages photography, reproduction and other supporting media.

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