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En el Camino


En el Camino
Edu Ponces, Toni Arnau, Eduard Soteras

20 x 26 cm
Paperback, gluebound
ISBN: 978-84-9801-478-5

The book’s authors have maintained a correspondent in Mexico dedicated exclusively to coverage of Central American migration path that crosses the country to the United States. In this way migrants are victims of attacks and kidnappings perpetrated by corrupt officials and groups linked to drug trafficking. Sexual abuse of men and women round the freight train that most use as transportation, maimed, killed … is the daily life of those who risk their lives for better.

This project claims a situation that deserves the label of humanitarian crisis, forgotten by the governments of Central America and Mexico. During the summer of 2010 the authors of the draft again traveled to Mexico with the intention of providing the communities of origin and the Mexicans the severity of the situation of migrants.