Ein Schnitt

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ein schnittEin Schnitt
Simone Haug / Rebekka Seubert
1%ofOne Verlag


60 pages
160×240 mm
ISBN: Not available


The collaboration of Simone Haug and Rebekka Seubert is a rapprochement with the landscape from two different angles.

In the photographs of remaining Moorflaechen in the city Rebekah Seubert is dealing with the contrast between nature and civilization.
The encroach portrait emphasizes the Bedraengtheit these Areas, but at the same time creates the illusion of a possible legally intact landscape space. Simone Haug deals with the landscape depicted on billboards. By the close approach to kicking the printed area and croped Reproduction, geraet the illusion of space as a landscape of desire to waver. The visible traces reproduction help the area to airritating new spatiality. A comparison of these two approaches opened a dialogue between proximity and distance, between area and space. The joint work challenges our viewing habits and underlines the uncertainty of the source of photographs.