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D’une Forêt l’Autre

Bae Bin-U

D’une Forêt l’Autre
Bae Bien-U
Somogy Art Editions


104 pages
280×240 mm
ISBN: 978-2-75721-0130


Bae Bien-U is undoubtedly now the most well known living Korean photographer. For over forty years he has tirelessly photographed natural landscapes, particularly forests, in which the human figure never appears. The photographs he makes are of spectacular beauty, rigor and formal inventiveness that borrow from both the tradition of the Eastern classical painting and the history of European and American art of the twentieth century. This first monograph published in France stresses the importance of his work and the uniqueness of his style: the surprising ways in which his shots are framed, perspective is deconstructed and the invention of a clean space to photograph.

Bae Bien-U, born May 22, 1950, is a South Korean photographer and professor in Seoul National University’s Department of Photography.

Somogy Art Editions is a Parisian publishing house and wholesale bookstore founded in 1937 by Emeric Somogyi.