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‘Double Gaze’
Lau Chi-Chung
English, Cantonese

Translated by Christopher Hoi Wong & Amy W. Wong

58 pages
306 x 220 mm


Lau Chi-Chung’s Double Gaze is a photographic narrative which explores the life of urban spaces in relation with human social development. Capturing the abandoned spaces found in Hong Kong the images present remnants of lives once lived, visually engaging the viewer through the photographic narrative which explores themes of urban development and the resulting effects. Included within the publication is an essay by Blues Wong entitled Lau Chi-Chung’s ‘Double Gaze’ (2012): A Photographer’s Psycho Mapping Voyage.


About the Author
Lau Chi-Chung was born in 1976 in Hong Kong. She currently lives in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.  Lau graduated from The Surry Institute of Art & Design University College with a B.A degree in Interior Design. After spending 8 years working in an art direction department producing television commercials, he joined Skyhigh Creative Partners, serving as the Production Director throughout the 6 years of the organization’s operation. Chung spearheaded a wide range of campaigns across China, which included the creations of TVC, featurettes, music videos, video projections in concerts, graphic design, performative events, commercial photography, radio and online promotional programs.


About the Publisher
This photo book is self-published by Lau Chi-Chung.