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Double Blind


Double Blind
Marion Denis

100 Pages
17 x 24 cm
Soft or hardcover: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-86895-174-5

Description: Double Blind – A Human Geneticist’s Photographs – An Artist’s Photographs is an artistic examination of the origin of knowledge in the field of natural sciences. Marion Denis investigates the biological laboratory processes which deal with chromosomal sex. These are the places where scientific facts are built and categories established. Which methods lead to the determination of biological sex? How do scientists perceive as opposed to artists, and how do they produce their images?

Equipped with a compact camera, a human geneticist was asked to photograph all the things in her workplace that seemed important to her or relevant for her job. The geneticist produced a collection of thirty-nine black and white photographs. These images are then presented alongside Denis’s own images of a ’double blind’ procedure, which is performed on a subject’s blood sample in order to determine biological sex.