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Discovery of the Well-Known


Discovery of the Well-Known
Isolde Venrooy
The Eriskay Connection

48 pages
230×300 mm
ISBN: 978-9-08183-847-4

The publication Discovery of the Well-known includes paintings by Isolde Venrooy from the period 2011-2013. The paintings were created by collecting, cutting, painting and placing paper on canvas. Venrooy uses paper with specific origin in her work, such as travel brochures.

In the work of Venrooy humans share the pure element of time with others. Bathers who share the seawater, or skiers in the shining white of snow, are connected by a common current time. Venrooy establishes this connection in a very concrete, traditional way. By recoating paper cuttings with monochromatic color figures are isolated and merged into a new moment of time.

The book Discovery of the Well-known guides the reader through several enlargements of the works. From a detail to the whole and back. Just as it is required to observe the paintings closer and step away from them in order to experience the full richness of the extraordinary work.

In some later works Venrooy takes a new step, that of abstraction. Which, without the materiality of the earlier works, had probably never been taken. The images disappear and what remains is the pure act of collage and the abstract landscape.

The title Discovery of the Well-known gives the viewer an assignment: try to discover the already known.

Isolde Venrooy is a visual artist and independent graphic designer.
She was born in Rosmalen The Netherlands and presently lives and works in Nijmegen.

The Eriskay Connection is an independent publisher about photography, art and visual culture.