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Digital and Horses (Cheval Digital)

Digital and Horses (Cheval Digital)
The Participative Project
Published by Galerie 2600
Edited by Olivier Cablat, Sebastian Hau and Eleonora Matteazzi
English and French

Introduction by Olivier Cablat and Sebastian Hau
Text by Luce Lebart
Softcover with dust jacket
100 pages
185mm x 130mm
ISBN: 9782919191079


“Over three years we have been conducting this participative research on six subjects, three animals from Camargue, the bull, the flamingo and the horse, and three rather technical subjects from photography, the pole, shadows, and the digital. In each of the open calls we have mixed two of the above subjects – or motives if you like – initiating crossover posting and quantitative comparisons.
To close the cycle we are publishing this little book and a website to which links are provided throughout the book.
We firmly believe that this refection on multitude permits an accessible entry point into a discussion of the photographic image in an era that we are not afraid to call post-digital.
By editing the book in the following way we hope to share the pleasures and discomforts such an endeavour can bring about, as well as the sudden insights into whatever the project is about. Many thanks to all contributors and may the horse be with you!”
– extract from the introduction text


About the Editors:
Olivier Cablat is from Marignane, France, and is the co-director of Cosmos Arles Books.
Cablat’s Website

Eleonora Matteazzi is a co-founder of Rorhof Publishing.

Sebastian Hau is the art director and head of the books and events department at Le BAL in Paris. he founded Supermarkt (the forerunner of COSMOS) with Olivier Cablat in 2009. Hau writes for magazines such as Foam, IMA magazine and Else on a regular basis and organises sessions on photography at the Silencio club in Paris. He has curated exhibitions in Warsaw, Leipzig, Cologne, Arles, and Paris.

About the Author:
Photography historian, exhibition curator and author, Luce Lebart is an expert on photography techniques and the author of books and articles about cloud classification, mountains conservation, first photographic data basis, forensic photography, glaciology, Eugène Atget, The modern cult of documents, non-silver processes as well as photography, baking and eternity. Her researches concern photography and experimentation and the aesthetic of tests and alterations. She works in order to promote forgotten collections.
Lebart’s Website

About the Publisher:
Based in Arles, south of France, Galerie 2600 is a progressive space dedicated to Art, photography, graphism, video, installation and music creation. 2600 supports an art dealing with experiment, post-digital photography and contemporary archeology.
The main event curated by Galerie 2600 is Cosmos Arles Books (formerly Supermarkt (2009), Hypermarkt (2010-2012), Le Club (2013) and COSMOS (2014).
Publisher Website

Book Materials and Specifications:
Small sized softcover book with a removable dust jacket.

Further Reading:
– Interactive Website