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Dia Issue Öl


Dia Issue Öl
Fabio Parizzi
Dia Issue


36 pages
190×260 mm
ISBN: Not available


During 28 years Dr. Phil. Rudolf H. Beck worked for the Royal Dutch Shell Company. In the beginning as Exploration-Geologist in Venezuela, later as Exploration-Manager in Nigeria. The photographs shown in this publication have been taken during his work for the Royal Dutch Shell Company between 1959 and 1971 in Brunei, Gabon, Iran, Nigeria, British Cameroon and the USA.

Fabio Parizzi Bureau for Graphics was founded in early 2013.
‘I work mainly with clients from the cultural and social field in the print media. A further pillar I seek the release of self-publishing work in the fields of art and photography. My design has the purpose of my clients and their representing respective services. At the top there is in each quality and sustainability, but I do not lose trends and fashions from the eyes.’