Déri Miklós: Arcok

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‘Déri Miklós: Arcok’
Déri Miklós
Print City Europe
Hungarian, English

225 pages
190 x 220 mm
ISBN 9786158023290

Miklós Déri’s Pictures Black-and-white portraits of members of the Hungarian sub-culture of the 80’s and 90’s were made in 2014. About Heroes, Actors, Side Actors and Observers. The former powers of the subculture, whose pantheon is finished, look deep into our eyes and do not smile. It is unclear whether their superiority derives from their personality, their stiff facial expression, the setting or the facial illumination. In single-lamp settings, their creator uses the elements of classic portrait photos to break their models from the present. The heroes of the historical past represent themselves with their present faces, but, by the way of depicting them in the great forms of a distant past beyond their heroic times, they seem to be more than themselves, and as if they were a mythical figure, or as if they were allegorical depictions of clowning, trembling, cunning, wisdom.


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