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Der aufrichtige Kapitalismus des Metallgorillas

‘Der aufrichtige Kapitalismus des Metallgorillas’
Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers
expose verlag



136 pages
180 x 230 mm
ISBN 9783925935763



Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers got together, and neither a book of poetry nor a photo book was created, but both!
Words and photographs enter into an idiosyncratic alliance. The texts and images react to each other, creating charming cross-references. Some lines of text and images stand alone and join each other in a friendly way. At the same time, the poems and the photographs always remain autonomous.



About the Publisher
The expose verlag was founded in 1986 in West Berlin. It is dedicated to contemporary author photography with a focus on Eastern Europe. The conception of photography is wide-ranging and ranges from classic reportage to conceptual works to the very edge of the medium.


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