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Clare Steele


40 pages
ISBN: Not available


Deering is a body of work engaging with the two countries of the artist’s origin, Ireland and Australia. Through the passing of blood, the journeys of generations, a homeland becomes a mystical place of ritual and the promise of old. Stories passed and changed by each tongue tell histories of family. Growing up in Australia with an Irish Mother lead to a feeling of awe and a want to see, feel and touch this idealised place. What is home? Where is home? These places that make us who we are, that define us. How much do we really belong to them? And what do we truly know about them?

About the Artist
Clare Steele is a photographer born in Australia. Her work is concerned with how place affects the emotional and physical connections to what we hold dear. Those innate feelings to adapt and survive while creating space and meaning for ourselves within our surroundings. In 2015, Clare graduated with a Bachelor of Photography from Photography Studies College, winning the Award for Photojournalism/Documentary Photography. Clare’s first book (self-published) J.W. was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award in Amsterdam, and was featured in the 2016 Unseen Photo Festival, it also received a commendation from Australian Photobook of the Year Awards 2017. Two of her books Deering 2017 and J.W. 2016 have been presented at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Art Book Fair, and been selected by the National Library of Australia for their permanent archive. During 2017 she had an exhibition of her work Deering in Melbourne, Australia. Recently she has completed a residency program and held a solo exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Castilblanco in Sevilla, Spain.