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De Donde Somos / Fuentes De Bejar


De Donde Somos / Fuentes De Bejar
Gemma Cascón

100 pages
22 x 24 cm
Soft or hardcover: SOFT
ISBN: 978-84-614-7902-3

Description: ”Villages without archives see how others write its history. Without memory we only have the sense of present moment”

Where we belong show this loss from the silent story of what has been carried out, done in a present time. A photographic material that can turn into archive over time and won’t provide neither historical memory nor tale. Silence and emptiness, absence and traces are the flagrant evidence of our demise. People disappear and with them the narration of facts. No possibility of reconstruction.

This village is like any other. The one we’ll visit during any holiday, the one will observe from the outside without involving us, where we’ll walk, at most, a few hours. It’s the people we’ll cross the streets and hopefully greet with a smile. Is this any people from whom we’ll know very little and we won’t mind too much.

And it won’t be as serious as the forgetfulness of those who inhabit it.