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Those Were The Days When I Used To Drive Around With A Horse’s Head On

HORSE FrontThose Were The Days When I Used To Drive Around With A Horse’s Head On
Espen R. Krukhaug
Einer Books


64 pages
170×250 mm
ISBN: 978-8-29978-822-9 


The title refers to a period in the artist’s life when he toured with several punk and metal bands, traveling through Europe, China, and America…rock’n’roll style.

Going for days without sufficient sleep, his only real rest came late late at night, when the musicians themselves were sleeping; and he never knew what the next day would bring…only that there would be a new town, a new show, a new party, and possibly a fight.

Everyone knows what bands do when they are on stage, but these images are from behind the scenes, from the traveling and the partying, They document the world through the windows of a van, as these modern-day nomads rush from one city to the next, through unknown landscapes, with never enough time to really stop. Though unable to explore these cities the way a typical tourist might, Krukhaug manages to capture his images from a unique point of view, seeing things that a normal visitor just might miss. The result is a provocative series of photographs about the life of the tour, the perpetual motion, the late night parties, as well as the quiet moments of endless waiting; waiting for the next city to appear on the horizon, waiting for a definitive photographic moment,  and waiting for the next show to finally begin.

Espen Krukhaug was born in 1978, in a small town just outside of Oslo, Norway. Though photography started out as a hobby, it led to the release of his first book ‘Skinhead’ in 2004. He wanted to pursue his interest and moved to London to study photography at Camberwell College of Art. He graduated in 2008.

Einer Books is an independent Norwegian publisher of limited edition handmade photography books. All publications are made closely with the artist.