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My Days of Losing Words


My Days of Losing Words
Rachael Jablo
Kehrer Verlag


96 pages

240×220 mm
ISBN 978-3-86828-402-7 


“I have had chronic migraine since June 2008. Without medication, the pain makes me lose the ability to speak; with medication, I have side effects that cause me to forget words. For My Days of Losing Words, I created color photographs that act as synthetic memories of my lost words and this time of being inarticulate and in pain. The one-word titles refer to words that got lost in a netherworld between pain and sanity. The self-portraits remain (inarticulately) untitled. I never stop shooting. I carry a list of words that I’ve lost over time, and when to see something I did jogs my memory of a word, I shoot it and cross off the word I was stuck in between my house and medical spaces for months on end, so I started shooting words there.”

Rachael Jablo (b. 1975) was landscape and urban landscape photographer until the disease threw them off course and they moved on still life, interiors and self-portraits. Jablo’s work has been widely exhibited in the U.S., including in the George Lawson Gallery and the Joyce Gordon Gallery, San Francisco; at Wall Space Gallery in Seattle and at Brandeis University. She lives in San Francisco. Robert Wuilfe works as an independent curator in the San Francisco region. Dawn C. Buse is an Associate Professor of Neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, New York. 

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