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A Contemporary Sublime

‘A Contemporary Sublime’mary_mcintyre_cover
Mary McIntyre
The Mac

145 pages
250 x 310 mm
ISBN: Not Available

Her work examines how painting and photography not only portray, but also construct the landscapes we see. She adopts the traditional, formal qualities of landscape painting and re-interprets them within a contemporary context.

McIntyre’s series of images explore elements of natural phenomena and our perceptions of them. By photographing in very specific weathers, such as mist and fog, she produces documents of that which is intangible. In these images, the landscape itself, the supposed ‘site’ of the work, is rendered unknowable; it becomes an absent subject.

About the Artist
Mary McIntyre was born in Northern Ireland where she lives and works. She graduated Master of Fine Art in 1990 at the at the University of Ulster at Belfast where she is a Reader in Fine Art.

About the Publisher
The Mac Theatre, Belfast, hosts arts performances from comedy to dance, plus talks and workshops in a contemporary culture centre.