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Construire Un Feu


Construire Un Feu
Marine Lanier
Self Published


20 pages
210×340 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘Day pointed, gray and cold, very gray and very cold, when the man left the main track of the Yukon and climbed the steep bank which outlined a little used trail that went eastward through the thick fir. The slope was steep and, giving the pretext of checking his watch, the man stopped at the summit to take breath. It was nine o’clock. We do not not see the sun, a hint of sun, though there would no clouds. The sky was clear, and yet the face of things appeared veiled imperceptibly, a subtle sadness clouded the day, and this was due to the lack of sun. There were days he did not see the sun, and he knew that a few more days would pass before that cheerful globe, in its course to the south, shows a moment above the horizon disappearing.’