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Casa a Mare


16 pages
200×300 mm
ISBN: Not available


Coca-Cola, 2015 takes back the act of the preparation of Italian tomato sauce: a collective and aggregative rite, a spontaneous happening that in the past was repeated once a year. The tomato sauce “ceremony” reiterates gestures which are seared in the memory through an oral tradition. The tools used exclusively for the occasion become real (pop) icons like the glass bottle of Coke. It is perfect for the purpose and it was handed down by a season to the other, as a precious object and as an experience trace.
Nowhere Gallery, Milano, 8 July 2015

‘Casa a Mare’ is a project by Luca Coclite and Giuseppe De Mattia curated by Claudio Musso. It is a container of a parallel imaginary; as in a second life that replicates objects , habits and obsessions ‘Casa a Mare’ builds a new scale of values ​​. It is structured as an ongoing process , a laboratory that provides dynamic and performative actions.

Skinnerboox is an Italian Independent publisher focused on contemporary photography.