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Ciao, Come Stai?

Ciao, Come Stai?valeria_accili_cover
Valeria Accili
Self Published


64 pages
210×150 mm
ISBN: Not available


Meet again. Halfway. Do again what we loved to do together: take pictures as we explore the world. And in the meantime we catch up, talk each other, advice , reassure, as a father and a daughter should do. This is a four hands project with my father, who passed away. Through the union of three levels: his old photos, the polaroids I pretend we have taken together and mine, we find a way to get back together. Our world is overexposed and the colors do not belong completely to reality precisely because it was created by us. Why despair if there is a way to find the serenity? 

Valeria Acilli is an Italian photograher, born in Rome in 1986.