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Carpoolers                                                                                             carpoolers
Alejandro Cartagena
Self Published

55 pages
230×320 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘Car Poolers is a project that continues my visual research on how the Mexican suburbs impact the landscape, the city and its inhabitants.

I’ve been shooting the project for a year on Monterey’s highway 85 going south bound to one of the richest cities in Latin America, San Pedro Garza Garcia, one of the nine cities that form the Metropolitan area.

I shoot from a pedestrian overpass that looks over the cars coming out of a small tunnel and “predict” which trucks might have people in the back. These images present a not-so-subtle observation of overgrowth issues in Mexico; where suburbs are being built in far away lands, far from the urban centers, causing greater commutes and consumption of gas.’

Alejandro Cartagena was born in 1977 in the Dominican Republic. He now lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico. Cartagena’s projects employ landscape and portraiture as a means to examine social, urban and environmental issues.