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Burning Down the House


Burning Down the House
Norman Behrendt
Seltmann + Söhne


396 pages
220x43x260 mm
ISBN: 978-3-94472-123-1


This photobook offers an in-depth look at Berlins graffiti writer scene. Instead of accompanying and photographing the graffiti writers on their nocturnal adventures, even forgoing the depiction of the graffiti itself, Behrendt aims to introduce the anonymous authors of Berlins public space and put a new complexion on the often-discussed subject of the illegal “writing on the wall.”

Norman Behrendt is a photographer and graphic designer living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Formed in 2004, the aim of Seltmann + Söhne is to make and publish books of the highest quality in printing technology, design and content. The focus of the publisher is on art and photo books.