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Brinca Comigo?
Cris Augusta
Self Published


48 pages
200×130 mm
ISBN: Not available


In a moment of career transition, Augusta found that the similarities between the generations are not repeated only physically, but also in plays and in solitude

‘The project was born in a phase I felt lonely in my decisions that would be definitive for my career and my life. As much as I have the support of my family, in the end the decision would be lonely. During this process, photographed Laura, my only child who always played alone, though she called me a few times, I could hardly stop what I was making to go play with her. I remembered I had pictures on file when I played alone and that my mother rarely played with me, she rarely could, moreover, do not remember that she has stopped to play with me at some point in childhood. I noticed that the photos married . and that the situations are repeated and I decided to create this parallel between the two childhoods The name was given by the so-called own Laurinha: Mom, Play with me?’