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Book - Blue Mud Swamp

Filipe Casaca
Blue Mud Swamp
Filipe Casaca

56 Pages

31,4×23,7 cm

Velvetbound Hardcover with a Tipped-in Photo and Letterpress
ISBN: 978-989-97149-1-5

The shoreline, hot and humid, is a postcard that attracts and invites Men to settle where the land meets the Yellow Sea. However, the reality is dissonant. Although surrounded by natural beauty, beaches and entertainment facilities, the city and its urban spaces transmits, as a whole, a feeling of artificiality. In some cases the abundance created a certain degradation and abandonment. With a splendor that takes us back to a recent past, a certain melancholy is present, as happens with all that was new, colorful and perfect but perished with time. Dalian, China.