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Birne Helene

Birne Helene by Holger Niehaus

Van Zoetendaal Publishers
Birne Helene
Holger Niehaus
Text: Benno Tempel/Friedrich Meschede
Concept: Holger Niehaus/Willem van Zoetendaal
Design: Willem van Zoetendaal

76 pages
30 x 24 cm
Hardback / Dust jacket
ISBN 978-90-72532-05-3
Published in 2009

The book Birne Helene by German photographer Holger Niehaus gives the same feeling as walking through a high standard architectural building in the thirties! The scale, the dimensions of rooms and corridors breath the elegant white of the rooms. The white pages in the book become almost as important as the beautiful still lives which are reminding us to Morandi, Kandinsky and even Donald Judd. Composition and colour in close harmony. In the book Friedrich Meschede wrote: ‘One could say that a circle has been completed: paintings from art history provided the inspiration for the compositions, while the staging of objects and their inalienable pictorial qualities have led Holger Niehaus’s works back to a ‘painterly’ form of photography. In this medium and through its means of depiction, what is seen develops its own intrinsic pictorial merit.’