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Miren Pastor
Self Published


32 pages
235×170 mm
ISBN: 978-8-46959-799-6


“Once it has reached this point of its journey, the caterpillar gets ready to undergo the profound metamorphosis that will take it from its state of larva to the one of imago, or adult form. Hidden amidst the underbrush, spinning on itself, it has produced a cocoon out of silk thread, that it will use to isolate itself from the outside world. It is then that it all starts to explode. […] Be that as it may, all of the images seem to transmit that the time has come, that a limit has been reached, some kind of scream of Nature cracking open to give birth to a new being.” Iván del Rey de la Torre

This publication by Miren Pastor was part of the exhibition Bidean, curated by Semíramis González, at Galería Gema Llamazares, Gijón (Spain), 2014.

The publication functions both as a photobook and as an exhibition resource. For that purpose it is necessary to use two unbound books, making use of both the front and back pages and arranging them with the help of the indicated coordinates, to create a wall installation.