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Beyond Caring

Beyond Caring
Paul Graham
Valerie Sonnenthal
Edited by Ed Grazda

Essays by Paul Graham & David Chandler


104 Pages
ISBN 9781935004165


Paul Graham’s Beyond Caring published in 1986 is now considered one of the key works from Britain’s wave of “New Color” photography that was gaining momentum in the 1980s. While commissioned to present his view of “Britain in 1984,” Graham turned his attention towards the waiting rooms, queues and poor conditions of overburdened Social Security and Unemployment offices across the United Kingdom. Photographing surreptitiously, his camera is both witness and protagonist within a bureaucratic system that speaks to the humiliation and indignity aimed towards the most vulnerable end of society. Books on Books #9 presents every page spread of Graham’s controversial book along with a contemporary essay by writer and curator David Chandler.

About the artist:
Paul Graham (b. 1956, United Kingdom) is a British photographer living and working in New York City. In 1981, Graham completed his first acclaimed work, A1: The Great North Road. His use of color film in the early 1980s, at a time when British photography was dominated by traditional black-and-white social documentary, had a revolutionizing effect on the genre. Soon a new school of photography emerged with artists like Martin Parr, Richard Billingham, Simon Norfolk, and Nick Waplington making the switch to color. In 2011, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, acquired the complete set of prints from The Great North Road, the original set Graham had used to print his first book in 1983. Over the past three decades, Graham has travelled widely, producing twelve distinct bodies of work. He has been the subject of more than eighty solo exhibitions worldwide. Graham joined the Gallery in 2011.

About the publisher:
Valerie Sonnenthal (Publisher) has a Masters of Library Science degree and worked as a Photo Editor for nearly thirty years, with Aperture, ARTnews, Vanity Fair, Magnum Photo Agency, The New York Post, The Associated Press and fine art photographers. She curated the DTW Gallery for nearly a decade at New York’s Dance Theater Workshop giving many photographers their first one-person shows. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries both in the US and abroad. Her writing regularly appears in the Martha’s Vineyard Times.