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Jim Mangan


Surbalin Hardcover
60 Pages
208 x 280mm
ISBN 9783942547505


Bedu begins with an ending: a violent car explosion in the desert. The group of friends inside flees, leaving behind all their possessions and narrowly escaping into a mysterious wall of swirling sand and dirt. Shot in Utah’s Little Sahara Desert, Bedu is the final project in artist Jim Mangan’s trilogy on rebirth. In a story told through 35 mm and instant photography, the group of friends passes through this exploding curtain of dirt to find themselves in an inexplicable alternate reality, where they literally become the substance of sand. Ultimately, Bedu is a story about the baptismal power of walking away from it all.

About the artist
Jim Mangan’s life long history with the American west landscape grounds his work and his belief in the beauty and essential nature of our interaction. His last project, BLAST, published by Dashwood Books, was a solo exhibition at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and part of a group exhibition at the Aperture Foundation, NY, NY, in 2015. Ten prints from his self – published book, Bastard Child (2013) were part a eight – person group exhibition titled, Terra Incognita, at the Kunsthalle Dusseldorf’s Kunst Im Tunnel, Germany, 2015.
Jim Mangan

About the publisher
PogoBooks is an independent publishing company focused on affordable limited edition art books, catalogues, editions and zines in small print runs. We believe in a future printed on paper, and conceive the printed artwork as a unique artform. PogoBooks is a platfom, an archive and collective for contemporary arts and photography. The Berlin-based publishing-house was founded by Claudio Pfeifer in 2010.