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B to B
Brenda Moreno
Edited by Brenda Moreno and Tomasso Parrillo
Witty Kiwi

Text by Carmen Dalmau

88 pages
170 x 215 mm
ISBN  9788894188226

Moreno’s intention, through images of her family and the ones she chose to call a family, is trying to convey the roles we fulfil, how we find comfort within them and the way these help or resolve actions that don’t really function in our surroundings, but that we tend to change over time.

These workbooks encompass memories, dreams, and ideas that build our identity. Moreno combines pictures, medium formats and fragments of these, as collages. Discards and mistakes also fall into the same process that form part of this project.

In her search on identity, she follows processes that take into account moments, details and exploration of materials and errors of everyday life.