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Associated Nostalgia

Associated Nostalgia
Eugenia Maximova
English / Spanish

Text by Christian Caujolle


Hardcover with Jacket
84 pages
ISBN 9788416248155


The Bulgarian photographer Eugenia Maximova recognises that many of her childhood memories are related to the kitsch aesthetic. During the communist years, which were characterised by a shortage of goods, showing off objects became the most obvious and naïf way of boasting certain possessions. These extravagant, gaudy items were displayed in glass cabinets and became a point of family pride. Maximova commemorates this brightly coloured aesthetic in this volume of kitsch images, compositions that say as much about today as Baroque still lives. The book includes an introduction by Christian Cautolle.

About the Artist:
Eugenia Maximova is a Bulgarian-Austrian photographer based in Vienna. She graduated from The University of Vienna, reading journalism and communication science. Photography came into her life unexpectedly but it quickly became her favoured means of communication; a new outlet of creative expression, for how she felt about both herself and the world around her. Eugenia’s journalistic background influences many of her projects. The goal of her images is to bring to light the lives of others and to communicate socio- political models and tendencies and examine their consequences for society and culture.
Currently Eugenia works as a freelance Photographer. Her clients include: GEO, National Geographic, Die Zeit, Moscow News, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Corriere della Sera and many more
Eugenia’s work is represented by The Anzenberger Gallery/Agency.

About the Publisher:
LA FABRICA is a publishing house based in Madrid, Spain.